You Want a Miracle. Be the Miracle!

This week our reading is from MATTHEW 14:13-21. Rev Rob writes that this reading is a narrative that can be used to understand Jesus as a miracle worker, as a provider, as a compassionate preacher as well as the Son of God. However, more than this we need to understand that Jesus offers us the opportunity to be a player in his miracles, in his provision, his compassion and his adoption of us to be sons and daughters of God.
We would be delighted if you would join us. There will be link on our Facebook page or you can check out our YouTube channel or via the post on Sunday morning on this page.

Wells, Women and Witness – What’s happening in worship this week

This week, the theme of our worship service is Wells, Women and Witness. Rev. Rob uses two readings: Genesis 24:10-20 and John 4:3-10. In both of these stories, the women at the wells are foreigners to the ‘chosen race’ – yet both women offer water to the strangers and in turn become part of God’s chosen people. Both stories have something more in common – there is a stillness, and during that stillness, refreshment occurs. For what really many only be a few brief minutes, there is a symbolic time to sit at the feet of the master and take it all in.Worship with us online this Sunday via our YouTube Channel or the look for the link on this page on Sunday.

What’s happening in worship this week?

Wood and nails are essential in building projects. The greatest building project was completed by Jesus – He used iron nails to fulfil his mission and on an old broken timber cross, he built redemption for all and the church as his legacy. Join us for worship this week. Links will be available on this website or on our Facebook page. Alternatively you can visit our channel on YouTube

Remembrance Liturgy

On 5th July in our online Worship Service, we spoke of taking communion next week. This video was filmed last Monday and since then it has been decided not to have a physical Communion due to health concerns regarding Covid-19. Rev. Rob will lead us in a Remembrance Liturgy which will fulfil what Jesus said in Luke 22:19 – ‘Do this in remembrance of me.’

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